Talk to Someone

Talk to someone:

Talk To Someone


This is the first of several blog posts on why talking to someone is a really good idea if we are struggling with some form of mental illness or if we have an opportunity to support a friend who is also struggling with a mental illness.

I have discovered that talking about my feelings when I’m feeling mentally lousy is a great way to stay in resonable mental health and deal with times when we feel troubled.


For most of us, especially men, talking about our feelings is often viewed as a sign of weakness. It is just not the case. In fact it is a sign of strength. Talking is an important part of taking charge of our mental well being and doing all we can to stay healthy.

Talking is a great way to cope with a problem, especially if we have been carrying it around in our heads for awhile.

It is a fantastic feeling to feel listened to by another person. In short we feel supported, valued and cared for. The fact is it works both ways. If we open up, it might encourage others to do the same, and that’s a wonderful thing.

A person taking those initial steps and having the courage to talk about their feelings could be at the beginning of a journey of healing and discovery.

It is not easy to describe how we are feeling at any one time. If we can talk about how we are feeling mentally like we would if we had a headache or a stomach ache then that’s great.

We don’t need to sit down for a big conversation about our mental wellbeing. A coffee and a chat in a coffee shop is a good place to start or even on the phone.

Personally I feel comfortable when these conversations develop naturally–Making time to talk about my feelings naturally.

In the 1990’s a large telecommunication company had a fantastic strap line. Quite simply they said to the nation “It’s good to talk” You know what it is.

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